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About Misaali School Multan

Abdul Sattar Misaali (Owner/Principal)

We, at Misaali Public Secondary School Multan, are serving the country with our best abilities in the Education System since 1996. This is a long enough journey to produce some quality of Educated and well mannered students in addition to the service of our beloved country. We have been focusing on just Quality Education and we are proud to announce as of today we have given the country with lots of Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen and experts in all other fields of life.

Misaali Public Secondary School Multan  is an affiliated Institute with Board of Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education and have a prominent space in the heart of the parents who have put the trust in Misaali School and we are proud to keep their trust alive every time.

We are providing the best education in the supervision of the best ever experts of Education in Secondary Education. The environment and the ecosystem of education is best and we are providing the children with necessary Islamic Education of The Holy Quran. This is the best part of our system. I encourage the parents to put the trust in our Institute to give us a try at least. We will never let you down. In-Shaa Allah!


Offered Classes

We are serving from Play Group to Secondary Education










We are proud to have have the best education system in Multan. Some of our qualities are listed here.

Best Quality Environment

We aim to provide the Best Quality Environment which is the basic requirement of a supreme education ecosystem.

Quran Education

We are providing our students the necessary Quran Education by giving them Naazra Quran education in our system.

Curricular Activities

We aim to provide the best Curricular activities in our boys and girls campuses to ensure the best quality education.

Extra Curricular Activities

We also aim to provide extra curricular activities to our system to enable them to be the leaders of the society. We often arrange such activities.

Best Qualified Staff

We do not compromise on our Education system that's why we always prefer to provide the best qualified staff to our campuses.

Outstanding Results

We have been focusing the best quality education that resulted in outstanding results always. We are proud to produce best Doctors, Engineers and all other fields of experts.

Parents Reviews, Our Proud!

Some of the highlighted reviews from respected Parents are shown here.


We often provide the different events for the students. Here are the some latest events and news.